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We suggest you consider the following helpful hints whilst your home is on the market. Some of these points could assist you to achieve a quicker sale and, in some cases, help achieve a better price.

First Impressions

An inviting exterior ensures inspection of the interior. Keep lawns trimmed, flower beds cultivated and the yard free of rubbish.

Decorate for a quick sale

Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce desire. Show the prospective buyer how attractive the home is rather than highlight the work the new owner will need to put in as soon as they move in. Have the home cool in summer and warm in winter. Place fresh flowers in rooms and clear away evidence of day to day living.

A sparkling home attracts buyers

Give it a thorough cleaning and you’ll greatly enhance its appeal to buyers. Clean appliances, windows, carpets, curtains, sinks etc.

Fix those taps

Dripping water discolours sinks and baths and calls attention to faulty plumbing.


Cigarette smoke, animal and food smells and other unpleasant odour will remain in the buyer’s memory well after the inspection. A wide range of air fresheners and deodorisers are available to freshen up your interior. If unsure please ask for our assistance.


Clean out garages and sheds of excess furniture and old treasures. Perhaps you might consider a garage sale before you sell. Buyers wish to see space, not clutter.

Repairs can make a big difference

Loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, and warped cabinet drawers may be minor, but they detract from the value. Have them fixed. Ensure all electrical appliances and gas appliances are in good working order. Have air conditioning and pool equipment serviced.

From top to bottom

Display the full value of your rooms by removing unnecessary articles and organising those items you want to retain there.

Safety first

Keep stairways and walkways clear. Avoid a cluttered appearance.

Make cupboards look bigger

Neat, well organised cupboards show that the space is ample.

Check and re-check your bathroom

Bright and clean bathrooms enhance the saleability of many homes. Have healthy plants on show, clean mirrors, co-ordinate towels and mats.

Three’s a crowd

It is preferable for the owners to be away from the property during inspections as potential buyers may feel like an intruder and will hurry through the house. Go for a nice little drive or walk around the block.

A word to the wise

Let the representative discuss price and terms with the prospective purchaser. They are qualified and trained to bring the negotiations to a favourable conclusion.

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